Born Oct 19, 1963

A lot of beautiful moments shared with pictures, since childhood until now; always capturing moments, textures, colors and shapes; frequently looking at the quotidian and common scenery like everybody although using photography to look at it in a different way. Working at LMI, a company of professional photography production for 23 years. Several personal artworks and many collective exhibitions in Etraarte Gallery Mex, D.F. several solo show 1993-1996, LMI Gallery D.F. solo exhibition 2008, Auditorio José Morín collective Queretaro, Qro, and San Miguel Allende, Gto, México, 2014- 2015. Art Expo New York, Apr. 2015. Paul Fisher Exhibition Oct 2015 Palm Beach, Fl., Armory Art Center Museum in West Palm Beach, Dec 2015, Spectrum Dec 2015, Miami, Fl., Nepal Mural Help Hope Nepal participation Dec 2015, Art Palm Beach Jan 2016, Spectrum Indian Wells, March 2016 awarding the Spotlight artist prize. Always looking forward to capturing not just instants but the sensibility that involves the moment, in an organic abstract way…

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